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Retail System

Effortlessly oversee and customize your store's POS and OMS needs with our intuitive ADMIN system with all new interactive dashboards.

Krisps Sytems: Admin

Products & Inventory

A centralised catalog for real time analysis of product trends throughout your business.

Product Category

Efficiently manage, sell and categorize a variety of items, whether they're inventory, non-inventory, bundled packages, or services.


Centralised, effective dated pricing that can be targeted to both store and customer groups.

Price Books

Price by location and customer levels. Schedule changes for seamless updates and efficient management.

Purchasing & Returns

Automate or manually create Purchase Orders based on inventory and reorder points. Streamline returns for unused or damaged stock.

Cycle Counts & Adjustments

Full or partial cycle counts as well as stock adjustment allows you to manage and track inventory levels.


Standard and intercompany transfer allow inventory to be moved either within or between stores.

Krisp Systems Report Dashboards

Reports & Dashboards

Steer your organisation on real-time, actual data.

KRISP Reports

Use 'out of the Box' reports including Turnover, store profitability, stock and price comparisons.

Search Records

Your data, your reports. Create, administer and manage your reports in KRISP.


Create and share real-time dashboards to evaluate current and next business activities.

Private dashboards

Create and use dashboards for yourself or the team. Control team access to dashboards and the data it displays.

Comparison Reports

Create reports to comparison data between periods you define.


Enable data to be displayed in tables and graphics.

Krisp Systems global features

Global Features

Multi subsidiary, multi country, multi currency. KRISP provides a single source, global view of your business.

Stock Availability

Administer and manage stock levels across your entire business in real-time.

Multi Subsidiary

Optimize business efficiency by seamlessly segmenting operations across units and borders, ideal for franchisees.


A Global Tax engine integrated to industry leading tax providers.


Customize your currency configurations to accommodate country-specific preferences.


Adapt language settings per location for a personalized and accessible user experience.


Streamline online transactions by seamlessly integrating your POS system with global e-commerce platforms, expanding your market reach.

Krisp Systems integration and customizations

Integrations & Customisations

Leverage KRISP for tailored business solutions, seamlessly integrating with existing systems as a reference or integrated master system

Open API

Integrate to external and internal systems using industry standard API’s.

Event Management

A central system to manage scheduled and event driven integrations and workflows.

Fields, forms and tabs

Customise KRISP to capture and display additional details. Group and display your data using custom forms and tabs.


Customise KRISP with real-time integrations, field settings and extended data checks.

Triggered Workflows

Create your own coded internal and external business workflows which are triggered by the event manager.

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