KRISP Features

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Point of sale

A cloud-based solution with offline capabilities that’s built for maximizing your customers’ experience.

Transaction options

Whether reserving, pre-ordering, on-account or simply requesting a quote, KRISP POS offers a range of options: pay down an account or pick up a sale from another store, return with or without a receipt, or item profitability by calculating concession impacts.

Global search

A progressive search allows for quick retrieval of customers, items and transactions.
Search recent local or parked transactions.

Know your customer

View past sales and buying trends.
Be alerted to loyal customers.
Dynamically view loyal customer prices versus retail prices.

Sales representative performance

Analyse performance by assigning sales representatives to the sale and/or items on the sale.

Be one step ahead

Be readily aware of price impacts on products purchased and to be purchased.
Quickly locate other stores holding low stocked items.
Offer item substitutes or correlated items.
Alerts cashiers of pending tasks.

Operations functionality

Built to work on the POS register, online access to operations, and administration functionality.

Offline first

Don’t lose a sale due to a temperamental internet connection. KRISP POS is built using progressive web design. It works with or without internet, automatically syncing with internet availability.